Client: Ark Build PLC

Project: Gatward Green Enabling

Value: £80,000

Period: Sept 2020

​We were awarded the enabling work package across the three sites for this new development based on our previous experience in this type of work  


Our package consisted of asbestos removal, tree surgery works, demolition, clearance of sites and crushing of all hardcore for piling mats

We saved all disposed of waste from landfill with 100% being recycled apart from the asbestos materials.

Client: Myco Contracts Ltd

Project: Rowe Lane - Hackney

Value: £600,000

Period: Nov 2019 -  Mar 2020

​The project is for the private development of a new block of apartments and commercial units.

We have been contracted to completed all the groundworks and the RC frame. The development will have a total floor area of 1500m2.

We are currently working on the foundations and drainage with the RC frame to follow.

Client: Tower Demolition

Kingston Council Yard


Jul 2017 -  Jan 2018

For this project M A Divane were contracted to completed all the groundworks for a new council storage yard.

The project consisted of ground remediation, drainage, concrete storage yards, asphalt carparking areas and slabs for new sheds​​.

As part of the contract we worked in contaminated ground and carried out the removal of asbestos contaminated ground.

Examples of some current and recent projects 

Client: Glencar Construction

Project: Beddington Lane - Croydon

Value: £650,000

Period: Nov 2018 -  Apr 2019

​Continuing on our repeat work from our client Glencar Construction, we won the contract to do the bulk earthworks, ground works and hard landscaping for this development of two new warehouses.

The bulk earthworks consisted of moving 4000m3 of crush on site, following on from this we completed the drainage, foundations and hard landscaping. The project was a success for us and our client and we are currently engaged in further work with them.

Client: Lakehouse  

Project: Brentside High School

Value: £1,050,000

Period: Jun 2016 -  Jan 2018

This project consisted of two phases, phase one covered sports pitches and the second covered all the groundworks for the new school block.

Phase one consisted of two new sports pitches, surrounding RC retaining walls, sheet piling, hard and soft landscaping. Having carried out phase one successfully phase two was awarded to us.

Phase two covered all the groundworks relating to the new school extension. The works covered drainage, pile caps, groundbeams, concrete works, hard landscaping and soft landscaping.

Client: J Coffey Main Contracting

Project: MAHLE Powertrain R & D Building     

Value: £800,000

Period: Jun 2017 - Feb 2018

​For this new 4x4 climate testing facility for MAHLE Powertrain we completed the foundations, RC pits, three story high air tight RC chamber, slabs and groundwork as part of the contract.

The three story high concrete chamber had to be highly accurate due to the high precision equipment used in the final fit-out. ​

Client: Bell Building Projects

Project: New Gap Hire Depot - Tilbury

Value: £1,300,000

Period: Apr 2019 -  Sept 2019

​For this project we are doing the bulk earthworks, warehouse footings, groundworks and drainage for a new Gap Hire depot. The new depot consists of two new warehouses and yards for storage of plant and machinery

The project is currently on going with the piling completed, warehouse footings completed and the yards on going

​Client:  Corley + Woolley

Basement extension works and new court yard area

Approx. £360,000

Feb - Dec 2016

This project consists of breaking out the old basement walls and floors, laying new pile caps and slabs to the court yard area, installing new RC basement floors, column and walls to the ground floor level, new drainage and various hard landscaping works to the court yard area.

 This project is based in central London and therefore was difficult due to severe logistical restrictions, access to the site was by a car passageway and all materials and muck away was carried though this limited access. 

​​The package of works consists of over 400m3 of concrete, 40t of reinforcing and 700m3 of material removed off site.   

​Client: Farrans Construction  

Project: Tottenham Hale School - Groundworks and RC Works

Value: £1,050,000

Period: May 2018 -  Feb 2019


For this new sports hall our contract consisted of drainage, foundation, RC slab, removal of contaminated soil and hard landscaping.​​

​As part of the works we completed a single concrete pour of over 500m3 in one shift to assist with the programme. 

Client: Hill Partnerships

Project: Knights Walk Phase 1 - Lambeth

Value: £1,100,000

Period: Feb 2020 -  Aug 2020

​Impressed with our previous contracts and similar works, Hill Partnerships Ltd awarded us this pack of works.


Our package consists of the basement, groundworks and a five story RC frame for a new apartment block as part of a new large development for Lambeth Council.

We've started the piling and are moving onto the basement and groundworks in the coming weeks.

Client: Westgreen Construction

Project: Sandycombe Rd       

Value: £500,000

Period: Apr 2018 -  Jan 2019

This project consisted of the development of an old storage yard into a new office and residential block.

M A Divane’s contract consisted of ground remediation, deep drainage, RC slabs, RC frame and hard landscaping.

The site was adjacent to a rail line therefore most works came under Network Rail supervision which was all carried out to their requirements.

Client: Lakehouse

Project: Isleworth & Syon School       

Value: £510,000

Period: Oct 2016 - May 2017

​For this new school block we completed the foundations, sub-structure works and drainage as part of our works package.

The project was difficult due to the restrictions for the access to the site. The materials could only be transported in and out at weekends while the school was closed. The muck shifts and concrete pours were carried out only on Saturdays with concrete pours of up to 200m3 and muck shifts of 40 tipper loads on Saturdays.  During the week the site was prepared for the weekend works.

Even with the restrictions we were able to meet the tight deadlines to aid the main contractor with keeping to their overall programme.

Client: Charter Construction

Project: City Academy 6th Form - Hackney   

Value: £240,000

Period: Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

​For this project we carried out a groundwork and RC Frame package for a school extension in Hackney.

We carried out the piling attendance for the initial works on the project. Once the piling was completed we excavated down and broke down the piles to the required level. We then carried out the RC Frame three stories high with each floor being 200m2

Client: Neilcott Construction

Project: Brampton Manor School

Value: £1,700,000

Period: May 2019 -  Mar 2020

​For this project we are doing the groundwork for two new school blocks

The project is currently on going with the footings and slabs completed. Currently we are working on the drainage and external works.

​​Client: Neilcott Construction

Project: Pelier St 

Value: £600,000

Period: Apr 2019 - Aug 2019

​For this project we are did the groundwork and RC Frame package for a new apartment seven story block in Southwark.

Once the piling was completed we excavated down and broke down the piles to the required level. We have also completed the RC Frame seven stories high with each floor approx 220m2 in area. It proved to be a challenging  project due to it being in close proximity to a rail line, risks were stopped by working closely with the clients team on site.